Winter In August

reflections of a Southern Mom with big goals and small obstacles (well, other than the legos on the floor).

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Fuckin Friday

Everyone else loves Friday. I am just not such a big fan. It doesnt mean anything exciting for me- my husband works retail, so it’s not like the weekend is coming for us really. Every other Friday is payday, which is sometimes good, but more often than not, it is a let down. We can barely keep afloat these days, and I am getting so tired of asking for help. I don’t want to need help any more. I just want to make it.

In more positive news, an update on my schooling : I will be attending the may accelerated class which will be finished may 28, rather than August 21. That means I can be working months sooner, and hopefully in time to throw Stella a fun Minnie mouse birthday party. I can attend the class in may, as long as I can pay for it soon. Fortunately, a family member is helping me to afford the class- I am responsible for my uniforms, shoes, and book.

Other than that, the only update I have is that my new medication seems okay. I am on day 5, and I don’t feel any worse, but not yet much better- however, its a medication that requires starting at a low dose and working your way up to a therapeutic level, so that’s to be expected.

Also, Stella now has her canines on the bottom poking through, bringing her total to 14 teeth!