Winter In August

reflections of a Southern Mom with big goals and small obstacles (well, other than the legos on the floor).

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Fuckin Friday

Everyone else loves Friday. I am just not such a big fan. It doesnt mean anything exciting for me- my husband works retail, so it’s not like the weekend is coming for us really. Every other Friday is payday, which is sometimes good, but more often than not, it is a let down. We can barely keep afloat these days, and I am getting so tired of asking for help. I don’t want to need help any more. I just want to make it.

In more positive news, an update on my schooling : I will be attending the may accelerated class which will be finished may 28, rather than August 21. That means I can be working months sooner, and hopefully in time to throw Stella a fun Minnie mouse birthday party. I can attend the class in may, as long as I can pay for it soon. Fortunately, a family member is helping me to afford the class- I am responsible for my uniforms, shoes, and book.

Other than that, the only update I have is that my new medication seems okay. I am on day 5, and I don’t feel any worse, but not yet much better- however, its a medication that requires starting at a low dose and working your way up to a therapeutic level, so that’s to be expected.

Also, Stella now has her canines on the bottom poking through, bringing her total to 14 teeth!


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Starting out

Hello, this is kind of my beginning. For me, I hope this blog can be a good sounding board for all of my ideas, thoughts, and something like a haven for me. I have started many blogs and failed to keep up with them, or decided that I was so different than the person who started the blog, that it wasn’t worth keeping. Anyhow, this is my new space. I hope to fill it up with my own stuff that’s more or less just for me, but I do welcome readers and comments. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about me! This is me : I’ll be going by H around here. My family consists of me, my husband M, who is 29, my daughter S, who is 1.5, and our two pets: a goldfish named Ice and a pomeranian named Nova. We all live in an old fixer-upper in Charlotte, NC. Currently we have a leaky basement and a yard which is much more mud than grass. It’s a piece of shit work in progress for sure, but since we rent we only do so much. I’m hoping to write some about upcoming projects, including a garden, growing some yard, and some fun DIY stuff I’m planning. I am 24 years old, and currently a stay at home mom to S. I will be going back to school this summer with the eventual goal of a nursing degree. I’m starting a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) program in May. I should be done by September and then I’ll seek work. I’ve been out of work for 2 years now, so it’ll be an adjustment, but a welcome change in income! It’s probably important to mention that I am crazy. No, really. That’s the most appropriate way to say it for me. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, PPD/PPA, Reactive Attachment disorder, and PTSD. Yes, this means my life is pretty awesome. I predominantly struggle with anxiety and the personality disorder, the latter of which can’t be treated with medication. I am in treatment, and some days are better than others, but it is currently better than It’s been in a long time- maybe ever. Other than the mental health issues, I am pretty typical. My interests are music (all kinds), gardening, cooking, writing, reading, spending time with my family & friends, and public health. I am liberal. I am agnostic. I like to change my hair frequently ( I started using baking soda / no poo this week, to prepare for dreads). My favorite color is green. I am a lactivist, intactivist, and gentle parenting advocate. I loved using cloth diapers while we did. I like to sew, which I’m pretty good at, and crochet, which I am truly terrible at. There is much more to me than these sentences can explain. I’m hoping to find myself and explore what Me is while writing here. So, welcome. This is my life. This will be my story. Enjoy the show. For more information on the abovementioned mental health issues, please visit Psych Central For more information on lactivism/ breastfeeding, check out Kelly Mom and best for babes For more information on gentle parenting and intactivism, visit Dr momma * please note, these are my trusted resources, only here so readers can figure out what I’m talking about*